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The State Of Black America

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The State Of Black America

How you view yourself is how you treat yourself. We choose our own fate and destiny by the way we see ourselves in the world. If you see yourself only having a job you would never aspire to have your own business, so what you think is relevant to what you do. The mind is like the genii bottle, be careful how you rub it because whatever you ask of it, it will make manifest good or bad. It was once said, if you can control a man’s mind you don’t have to worry about his actions.

The mind works through your belief system, whatever you are programed or conditioned to believe good or bad your mind works to make it a reality. Our thoughts are the building block of our reality, if we learn how to control and direct our thoughts for our development we would have no problem in recovering from our historic loses.

Our freedom should never be framed within another man’s system. Freedom for us can only be defined within the context of our own free and separate state within the territory of North America, which is the ancient land of our aboriginal ancestors. To separate a child from its parent’s and deny a child the proper knowledge of its origin is how you create the African-American who is really a native American. The unlearned and the untraveled fail to realize the Negro is Ancient to the planet and indigenous to all lands.

The Native Negro’s of America mind is scattered through the thoughts, views and opinions of others. We need to go back to God, Family and Land.

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