Native American Negro Leadership  

It’s time to stop basing our agenda on the bases of others and move to be our own foundation.

First order is classification on what a Black American is, Aboriginal and Native American are your first class of Black Americans, Second is the admixture of African Slaves and the first class of which both classes have mingle so, blood wise there is no difference.

The original description of the American Negro is of a dark copper color, much like the “Ethiopians”. The fact of the untold story Black Folk was here in the America’s  thousands of years before the first European step foot out of Europe.

The argument is over land and if you say you’re an African American, you disclaim your natural inheritance of America. If you go back in history, the difficulty in classifying the Native American Negro is based on human right’s of which the Negro was never included as a human being in legal definition of the law. Therefore the Negro has been placed in a subhuman category that is difficult to defined within the system of his historical oppressor.

Many American Negro’s are unaware that they are the Original Native Americans and so they opt out of the demand for land argument and even if you take the side of your Ancestors who identify with Africa you still have the claim of injury and should be compensated for the historical family damage and wealth displacement.

Native American Negro Leadership:

Our leadership should be negotiating our own territory and preparing us to be independent. This whole notion of fighting to be acceptance in another man system is crazy. We must fight to build our own system. We should be focused on buy and developing land for ourselves. We should be developing our own private townships, building schools and universities for our children. Fighting the ill’s within our own community. Now I’m not saying use one method over the other either, for all methods have there place and time. Our model should always be, I will take care of my household first.

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