Vangu Cleansing Rituals

The importance of spiritual cleansing.

There are many energies that we all come across while going about our daily lives whether we are aware of it or not. Some are more positive and leave us feeling refreshed, inspired, loved, grateful and with an optimistic outlook. These energies are in the highest vibration column when referring to the levels of vibration. In addition, there exist energies of contrast that leave us feeling drained, overwhelmed, and even depressed. These energies cause anxiety, fear, guilt etc. They are found in the lower columns of the vibrational chart. The goal is to aim at the highest level of frequency to become the greatest version of ourselves.

We implement Ancient cleansing practices that our Ancestors have passed down throughout the generation by bloodline. Thus, Our Trubian Village Native American Aboriginal rituals like the “TruNaavagu” pronounced (Tru-Nah-Vagu) detaches any energies that have attached to our Aura fields. This cleanse is great for those of us who have entity attachments however, is most used in the beginning stage of your awakening process and initiation into all Trubian Village Fraternities. Our cleansing rituals are catered to a variety of focuses. We have specific rituals that cleanse the Dwelling Place, Place of Business and Place of Worship. This ritual can be extended to your vehicles and when you travel by plan, train, or otherwise when using our bottled cleansing water. Trubian Village Yoni Steams Cleanses the females Sacral Chakra. This female catered cleanse is used to detox the vagina and associated organs of the body. Many women exposed themselves to a variety of sexual partners thus, capturing dissimilar energies that can affect the frequency of that woman also creating spiritual blockages in her life or within her spiritual practices. Non-sexually active females can benefit from the cleanse as well.

As a fellow Empath I have learned the importance of Cleansing, as I take in people energies everywhere I go. For more information on a list of Spiritual Cleanses we provide and teach please refer to our spiritual home page or leave your contact information for any questions or concerns you may have on the subject of “The importance of Spiritual Cleansing.”

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