About Us

Trubian Village is focused on building an economic infrusture for the Native American Negro by reaching out to our Pan-African family who would like to take up permanent residence in the US. The US has a program to stimulate it’s economy through foreign investors who seek residence in the US called the EB-5 Visa program. The requirements are that you first make an unsecured investment into a US business in the amount of $500,000 in a low income or rural area, and $1,000,000 in all other areas and second within two year time your investment must create 10 full time job’s. Now the going rate of return on an EB-5 investment is 6% per year on the principle for at least five to six years.

The EB-5 program has pro’s and con’s that you the investor needs to know. In becoming a US resident you will become a US taxpayer, which means you would have to pay taxes on your wealth. So you may want to put some assets in a trust to protect them from being taxed. We advise you to get legal and financial advice on how to protect your assets.