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Cultural Economic’s

A Bloodline Domain

Culture creates a people’s natural economic Eco-system. A people’s cultural brand is defined by the way they do things from eating and dressing, as well as the very way they structure their lives. This creates a natural brand of commodities, goods and services.

We believe Culture is a conscious, living development within our lives that can and will benefit us in the present and future. We are Aborigines of America cultural reformers who’s aim is to put the bloodline’s of our Ancestors back on track toward a prosperous future on earth. This is a family movement that in many cases transcends outward appearance. A call back to family-hood, where the protocol of elder take rank in group decisions. It’s about group organization and the first group is family. Families are the sub-domains of  our National Authority to reinforce shared family values . Our families share mutual ownership over the collective community ideals,  principles and aspiration to obtain and maintain group economic independence as a family institution. to reinforce shared family values

We believe that anything we use we should position ourselves to make for ourselves. Members of Trubian Village have exclusive rights over the Trubian Village Cultural Brand. As members , you have the exclusive right to operate within our cultural economic community domain as cultural merchants and service providers.

To maintain a constant consciousness of our family identity, objectives and mission throughout all time on earth, we must use a system that regenerate our thoughts, ideas and aspiration within every generation. Through our Cultural rituals and traditions we connect our past, present and future to our group thoughts, ideas, aspirations and goals.

God, who, what and where is God? God is all things, for all things exist within the domain of God. Within God’s domain you have the creation of many constellations, universes, spirits, beasts and many things unknown. God is not in question, for we are the evidence something greater than us exist. We are not here to challenge one’s faith and belief in God, we are a family movement. We represent the spirit of our departed ancestors who sacrificed their lives for our existance. Our only goal is to provived a safe homestead for our families and future generations by purchasing land and developing our own private townships that are interdeppendant to creat our own cultural economic echo-system where our money circulate within our community.




House Of Truma

The 12 Yakuma

Supreme Tribal Mothers

Chief Yakuma





Queens Chamber

144 Queens

Tribal House Queens

1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
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House Of Trunas

The 12 Yakuba

Supreme Tribal Fathers

Chief Trunas





Kings Chamber

144 Chiefs

Tribal House Chiefs

1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2
3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3
4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4
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Trubian Village


House Of Yakaba

Tribal Society



House Of Yakaba:

The House Of Yakaba is the cultural container of the Trubian Village  CUTHAUGULA COAHUILA tribal cultural complex. The Trubian Village Cultural Complex was  concieved and designed by the spiritual pathfineder Chief Minko Yakaba. As a channel transmitting a direction and instructions on how to properly navigate though it’s path, Chief Minko  has devoted his life to make a sound and profound difference by developing a cultural, social .

The House Of Yakaba as a Cultural Container  houoses the Trubian Village cultural complex which consist of  12 social orders called tribal houses and a social system of business and social ineraction.


Head Trunas:

The head Trunas is the Supreme Trubian Village Community Chief.


The 24 Supreme Elders:

The 24 Supreme Elders are the supreme Trubian Village tribal custodian, cultural, finance and asset oversight committee.

The first layer of delegated authority our the 24 supreme elders, which is broken into two division each side by side complementing each other the Truma and the Trunas.





The 12 Truma

SupremeTribal Mothers

Chief Yakuma / Moon


Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma


Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricrn Apuarius Pisces





The 12 Trunas

Supreme Tribal Fathers

Chief Yakuba / Sun


Nas Nas Nas Nas Nas Nas Nas Nas Nas Nas Nas Nas


Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricrn Apuarius Pisces






Tribal Houses:

We have 12 Tribal House Fraternities, Each tribal house is a part of the Trubian Village tribal administration which handles a number of things such as tribal membership, tribal certifications, tribal benefits, opportunities and more. There is a magistrate of 24 Elders  that governs all the Tribal Houses, 12 Truma and 12 Trunas.  Each tribal house represents a sign within the zodiac, as a cultural system we aline ourselfs with the natural cycles within nature. Each tribal house takes on the identity of it’s Zodiac-sign in rituals, tradition  and ceremonies. Each of our Tribal Houses also play the roll of  one of our 12 Cultural Universities. Our Tribal Houses are  the gateway of our cultural society both socialy and economically. Our Tribal House Cultural Fraternities play a critical roll in our cultural economic educational system as well. Each tribal house is consist of two fraternity orders, the Truma and the Trunas. The head Truma are called the Yakuma and the head Trunas are called the Yakuba. Each tribal house is governed jointly by a Yakuma and a Yakuba.


House Of Truma:

The House Of Truma is the house of  both the 12 Supreme Tribal Mothers and the 144 Tribal Queens. As a matriarch cultural society women are the key figure in our social economic development. The 144 Queens is our cultural and social economic foundation.


144 Queens:

The 144 Queens is the financial backbone to our cultural economic development. There are 12 groups of 12 women known as Yakuma, Supreme Tribal House Mother or Queen. Each group of 12 Yakuma oversee one the Tribal Houses.  Both of the 12 Supreme Tribal Mothers and 144 Supreme Clan Mother sponsors the community $144 a month which provides a national community budget of $22,464 a month. This money would be invested in land and our various Tribal House cultural industries, products and productions.


Tribal House Lodge:

Each Tribal House has a lodge as a homebase of operation.  Each Tribal House operates within the Trubian Village cultural system of social seniority called the ladder of Yakaba. The ladder of Yakaba is a cultural system that promotes social and spiritual development through giving community incentives to those who work to climb our cultural ladder.




Ladder of Yakaba:

The ladder begins with the order of community apprentice and end with the order of master builder.



Before one can become an apprentice they must first be endorse by a journeyman and cosigned by a master builder. The apprentice will then serve under the master builder who cosigned their communal entry.



A journeyman is a skilled laborer that can specialize in a number of things, according to the needs of  their master builder and or overall family.


Master Builder:

Once a member has established the membership of a master builder, he or she may become registered as a Clan Chief and build their own family within their family clan. The order of  master builder are called the Yaboa community, which is an elite group of Elders that make up each fraternities inner circle. If a master builder wish to establish their own family they are responsible for paying monthly family dues of ($360). $100 goes to their Family Clan account, $ 100 goes to their tribal house account and $160 goes in the Trubian Village Royal Society account.




The Master Builder Cultural Commerce:

It is our duty to work toward becoming self-sufficient in producing what we consume under the Sovereignty of God.


  1. Cultural Art & Education
  2. Cultural Entertainment
  3. Cultural Architecture
  4. Spiritual Science
  5. Publishing
  6. Clothing
  7. Jewelry
  8. Food
  9. Elixirs
  10. Knowledge
  11. Movies
  12. Tribal Sports Franchises









There shall be two forms of members, fraternal and non-fraternal. Non-fraternal are registered non-initiated members of which we call our general membership. Fraternal members are members who are initiated in one of our 12 cultural fraternity groups called tribal houses. All members are registered through the Tribal House of  their natural birth.


Membership Requirements:

  1. Must be blood related to one founding members.
  2. Must be of original American Aboriginal descent.
  3. Must have a tribal sponsor.


Non-Fraternal Membership:

Non-Fraternal Membership are uninitiated  members who are in good community standing.


Membership Initiation Rites:

As most cultures have customs, traditions and rituals like naming ceremonies, rite of passage, marriage traditions and death rites and rituals, we also implement our own. These are cultural programs that connect a people in concepts, ideas and principles.

In the Cosmic-mythology the God-man prototype dies and is born again and wins victory over death. Initiation is the reiactment of this process.


Membership Probation:

The first 365 days all members are on probation. During this time members go through a community orientation that covers the five main areas of our community organization.



The Five Main Areas:

  1. Trubian Study Group
  2. Trubian Charity Workshop
  3. Business Marketing Sales & Promotion
  4. Community Security & Self-Defence
  5. Trubian Village Leadership Workshop




Tribal House Organization:

The 12 Tribes Of Yakaba represents our 12 tribal house fraternity Groups that coralate to the 12 months in a years and the astro cycle of the Great Year. Each tribal house also represents one of the signs within the zodiac. Our fraternity groups work as our community caretakers and cultural custodians. Each community fraternity rotates every 13 years the Tribal House seat of Yakuba, the leader of the Tribal House.


The Office Of Yakuba:

The mission of this office is to institute a cultural community infrastructure through establishing community customs, ceremonies, rituals and traditions. The objective is to create a strong community network between the Tribal House community as a means to reunifying the Tribal House Creed. Yakaba sits over the Order of Yakuba as the  Royal Crown. This position is not just the tribal house figurehead, but is also the tribal house supreme operations overseer and community magistrate.


Trbal House Officers:

The officers of the Community consist of a magistrate of 13 Trumas. The head Truma called the  Yakuba and the remaining 12 Truma, which are called Truma by title. The Yakuba  the (Chief Cultural Minister) will serve as the President of the Tribal House Fraternity and will be the moderator of the Community. She will lead the staff and have the responsibility to hire and dismiss staff as needed. Secretary and Treasurer. Each officer will be an active /resident member in good standing of the Community.  The Chief Financial Officer (Treasurer) of the Corporation will oversee and cause to be kept and maintained, adequate and correct books and records of accounts of the corporation. He shall also oversee the reception and disbursement of funds.

The Community Clerk will serve as the Secretary of the Corporation. Other trustee officers shall be appointed by the Yakuba and approved by the community counsel as needed. It shall be the duty of the Directors (Trustees) to perform two specific tasks. (1) Act as legal representatives of the community and to take such actions and execute any documents necessary to accomplish the purpose of any matter which concern any real, personal, or intangible property of the Community. (2) Meet annually with the other non-staff Directors to recommend the Yakuba salary for the annual budget. In the event that the office of the Yakuba becomes vacant either by the Yakuba resignation or the physical inability to perform the duties of Yakuba. The tribal house staff will recommend a candidate to the community counsel for approval as Yakuba. In the absence of tribal house staff the congregation can elect a Yakuba committee to serve as needed.



Financial Brake Down:

  1. Each Tribal House Pay’s $360 Monthly To The Royal Society
  2. Each tribal Clan Pay’s $360 Monthly in fraternity fees. 2/3 goes to Tribal House and 1/3 goes to the Royal Society


a business.


Executive Body

Trubian Village Executive Body shall consist of four branches, the House Of Yakaba, The House Of Truma, The Legal League Of Elders and The House Of Tribal Chiefs. The first branch shall be called The House of  Yakaba, which consist of the Head Trunas, the Chief of Chiefs, the Trunas Supreme Council and his cabinet, The second body is called the House Of Truma which consist of  The 13 Supreme Clan Mothers, the third body is called The Legal League Of Elders which consist of nine community Elders and the four body is called The House of Tribal Chiefs, which consist of all Tribal Bloodline Fraternity Chiefs. Thus the executive body shall be called the Royal Trubian Village Tribal Society.


Chief Executive Tribal Officers:

The House Of Yakaba Chief Of Chiefs the Baba Trunas and the 12 Supreme Clan Mothers Of The House Of Truma shall preside over all Trubian Village Tribal Business as the Trubian Village  cultural custodian  meetings of the Royal Society, issue such dispensations as this constitution instruct, appoint the House Cabinet and the Legal League of Elders for their term.



National Chief:

The Chief Of Chiefs the Baba Trunas


The Baba Trunas Cabinet:

1)  The Royal Guardian shall take the Royal Preceptors place should that officer be unable to perform

his or her duties.


  • The Royal Herald shall have the duties of distributing official community news & Information.


  • The Royal Scribe shall keep all records of the Royal Society meetings and activities.


  • The Royal Treasure shall manage and record all business affairs of the Royal Society.


  • The Royal Priest shall have the duties of being in charge of community education


  • The Royal General shall have the duties of being in charge of community security.




Chartered Tribal Communities

All Tribal communities shall consist of at least one registered certified master builder and  seven or more registered members who are citizens of any Aborigines Of America community provided there is no chartered division in such a community. high priest and one high priestess and one third degree  initiate member of the Trubian Village cultural ministry, and shall meet regular to carry out the purposes of the the Royal Society. Each  tribal community shall have the right to carry on its activities without interference, subject only to the terms of this constitution and to such legislation as may be established by the Royal Society.



Cultural Industrial Complex

Our cultural Industrial Complex is a social economic echo system design to enhance the development of the American Aborigine .

Through our customs, traditions and annul events, we establish a program of activities that creates a cultural industry only accessible to our certified membership, so our  members collectively can share in the wealth of mutual cultural community ownership.



Cultural Industries:

  1. Entertainment / Music / Art
  2. Publishing
  3. Clothing
  4. Jewellery
  5. Farming (Food / Spices / Natural Health Herbs)
  6. Elixirs (Liquate Beverages)
  7. Knowledge


 Trubian Village

Cultural Economic Infrastructure


Infrastructure is as follows:


  • Building our own exclusive industries around our cultural customs, traditions and values. Establishing our own economic echo-system that enable us to circulate our wealth within our community.
  • To create jobs and occupations, our cultural echo system has service personal based on our cultural accreditation. We have all types of different classes of certified cultural professionals, based on our customs, traditions and values.


Aborigines Of America Heritage Committee:

The Aborigines Of America Heritage Committee determines annual cultural events, community celebrations and cultural ceremonies, such as baptism, rites of passage, marriage and funerals. Thus defining the guidelines for some certified community service practitioners.


Vangu Committee:

Vangu represent the full body of knowledge of all Holistic Cultural Arts & Sciences of “Well Being”. We call those who live by this universal truth, Tru’bian which means “a child of truth.” The Vangu Committee defining the guidelines for our certified Vangu Therapist service practitioners.


Yaboa Committee:

The Yaboa committee and community is our cultural merchant society.


Vangu Holistic Therapy Practitioners












Vangu Yoga:






Physical Therapy:









Social Organization:

Each family clan operates within the Trubian Village cultural system of social seniority called the ladder of Yakaba. The ladder of Yakaba is a cultural system that promotes social and spiritual development through giving community incentives to those who work to climb our cultural ladder.


Ladder of Yakaba: The ladder begins with the order of community apprentice and end with the order of master builder.



Before one can become an apprentice they must first be endorse by a journeyman and cosigned by a master builder. The apprentice will then serve under the master builder who cosigned their communal entry.



A journeyman is a skilled labourer that can specialize in a number of things, according to the needs of  their master builder and or overall family.


Master Builder:

Once a member has established the membership of a master builder, he or she may become registered as a Clan Chief and build their own family within their family clan. The order of  master builder are called the Yaboa community, which is an elite group of Elders that make up each fraternities inner circle. If a master builder wish to establish their own family they are responsible for paying monthly family dues of ($360). $100 goes to their Family Clan account, $ 100 goes to their tribal house account and $160 goes in the Trubian Village Royal Society account.

The Master Builder Cultural Commerce:

It is our duty to work toward becoming self-sufficient in producing what we consume under the Sovereignty of God.

  1. Cultural Centre / Spiritual Science, Arts & Entertainment
  2. Publishing
  3. Clothing
  4. Jewelry
  5. Food
  6. Elixirs
  7. Knowledge
  8. Movies
  9. Tribal Sports Franchises


Financial Brake Down:

  1. Each Tribal House Pay’s $360 Monthly To The Royal Society
  2. Each Family Clan Pay’s $360 Monthly in fraternity fees. 2/3 goes to Tribal House and 1/3 goes to the Royal Society


Cultural  Economics:

The four major commodities of a particular culture are it’s art, fashion, food and architecture . Now the art to economic success is to control the management, production and distribution of the goods and services of a particular market.  By institutionalize our own creative activities and holidays based on our own experiences, we would accomplish three things. One, give our children a constant reminder of their rich heritage, Two, promote unity among our youth and Three, increase jobs by promoting America Aboriginal business.



Trubian Village

Aborigines Of America

 Bloodline Cultural Ministry


Our mission is to improve the quality of life for our members. As a cultural ministry our objectives are to develop traditional social functions to keep family clans socially interactive, work toward centralizing family clans to Common Cities and areas. Collectively work with the family clans to develop social programs and to help establish a social and political position in its designated city or area. Through membership Develop funds through fund raising and marketing our cultural functions and event’s to help family clans purchase property and established culturally based businesses. Create social clubs and other institutions to train and educate our children to serve our community and as well expand the membership and views of our society.


Trubian Village is not a traditional church institution, but a proactive cultural community outreach which is rooted in traditional Aborigines Of America cultural customs, traditions and values. We believe Universal Truth transcends religion, gender, colour, race or creed. It applies to all people alike, this truth is a spiritual truth, which is the one truth of the Supreme Being..






Trubian Village Tribal Customs


First Families:

A First Family is defined as the first family generation of tribal membership and First family is a reference to the Trubian Village family hierarchy system which records the birth of a new Family State in the Trubian Village Tribal State Government. Each family is a State within itself and from the first family the bloodline is recorded as heirs of the family State and Estate.. Within our tribal system and structure the first family is the foundation of our community tribal order. Each first family establishes a bloodline fraternity within the collective domain of our tribal order. Each bloodline fraternity serves as a governing body under our greater tribal order.

Tribal Structure:

There are four classes of chief’s, House Chief, Clan Chief, Tribal Chief and National Chief . In our custom when a woman and man have a child, both parents become “House Chiefs”. When a woman and man become grandparents both grandparents then become Clan Chiefs. Tribal Chiefs are bloodline related that sit over two or more family clan’s of the same bloodline. Tribal Chief are elected by clan chiefs within their own bloodline, which both clan chiefs and tribal chiefs together make up the legislative branch of the tribal government. The National Chief, is the chief of chiefs among the chiefs of the Cuthaugula Coahuila Nation. The communities Council of Elders are great grandparents within a tribal bloodline.


Childbirth is seen as a family spirits reentering earth. The journey from the spirit world to the physical world is seen as the first initiation into the family bloodline fraternity. From the act of coming into the world there is a welcoming ceremony where the child is given the family groups bloodline fraternity name. A second and more personal name is also given to the child based on the child’s birth chart, which can be given to the child at the ceremony or shortly thereafter.

Rites Of Passage:

From the age 10 to 18 children go through a tribal mentoring and educational process. When a child tern 18 the tribal mentoring and educational program is complete and the child is given a transition party to celebrate becoming a tribal adult.


Marriages are seen as the launching of a new tribal state under the tribal government, therefor the ceremony consist of the official launching of a new family state and the crowning of new chiefs as the authority of that state. Families are the cornerstone of our tribal nation. Also the institution of marriage is seen as a business empire, therefore the institution is officiated through a business contract where as both husband and wife or wives have equal shares within the family business organization.

 Monogamy & Polygamy:

Monogamy and polygamy are the two forms of  marriage within our tribal institutions. Both forms of marriage each participant has equal shares in the family wealth. Shares of the family can not be bought or sold, they are inherited through family bloodline only.


Divorce is not promoted or encouraged, it’s something that is seen as a community tragedy. Divorce only take place under extreme circumstance, by a marriage being seen as a tribal state government, husband and wife have the responsibility of tribal state officials and are held to the official tribal state stands. Extreme conditions that constitute reasons for divorce, family treason, embezzlement and physical abuse.


Death is seen as a spiritual transition of passing over to the spirit world. The death ceremony has three parts, preparing the deceased body for burial, commemorating the life of the deceased and asking the Great Spirit to guide the deceased safely back into the spirit world.

Birthday Tradition:

Birthdays are seen as gifts from your parents and ancestors, so before one celebrates their birthday they give honor and recognition to their parents and ancestors. Community birthday tradition is that the community gives a potluck birthday celebration party on the last Sunday of each month to honor birthday within each month.




Trubian Village Market Place:

The Trubian Village Market Place is a community cultural event held every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. As a cultural event, it’s an exclusive economic platform for members to merchandise their authentic Trubian Village cultural goods and services. The market place is an event where all our cultural variations of cultural expression are represented along with giving our cultural members an exclusive economic platform. The Trubian Village cultural brand has it’s own exclusive domain or commerce centre to exchange merchandise and to solicit new  customers  along with a universal platform collective creativity


Urban Agenda:

Service the needs of the American Aborigine community. Spiritually become their spiritual guide  through the wisdom of the  Great Spirit. Socially, develops social groups of all age and create activities for all groups to interact. Become the American Aborigine community source of entertainment, news and media information. Buy land and develop commercial property in our urban centres to secure business opportunities for American Aborigine merchants.


Real Estate Agenda:

Buy rural land and develop private townships.  There is millions of undeveloped acres of land both nationally and internationally that we will seek  to purchased and developed into thriving centres of commerce and tourism. We will invest our money in our own communities developments, in order to create and control our own economic infrastructure.

The vision of the Trubian Village private corporate township (State) is to create American Aborigine cultural business centres who’s main industries is tourism, entertainment and education.

A private corporate state is the American Aborigine solution to solving the problems of inequality and dependence, creating a foundation toured self reliance and independence within the global framework of abiding international and national laws as an international private corporation.

The fundamental aspect of family wealth is family organization. True family organization is built on the collective purpose and responsibility to survive and advance as a group. Thus the key is not only how you raise your children, but what you instill in them and how you educate them. You can’t send your children off to be educated by others and expect them to come home and follow a family plan.

The trick to wealth is knowing how to use and maintain it. Money is to be used as a tool and not a means, tools produce and a means is just to reach an end. We have come up with a plan to increase black family wealth for generations to come. In most American Aborigine communities both the commercial property is owned by others and the businesses that service the community. This creates a social economic problem that prevents the circulation of the American Aborigine dollar within it’s own community. To own and develop our own private community townships give us a social economic advantage that enables us not only to control our social, economic environment but our social economic destiny. Thus our land development project has many investment opportunities for our members.



House Of Yakaba

The Doctrine Of The Divine Human Soul


Through the cosmic mutation of the divine spark of life, all life emerged simultaneously on all levels, states, dimensions, dominions, spirits, creatures, beasts and animals all came to be. The Great Spirit encapsulated itself into the infinite myriads of levels, states, dimensions, dominions, spirits, creatures, beasts, animals and all that exist.


The Cycle Of Life On Earth

Through birth a spirit is cloth in flesh creating the god-man or spirit-man. Within this process there are three natural stages of conscious evolution. The first stage, as a spirit is born the conscious focus turns outwardly in order to adapt to it’s new physical environment. In this outwardly focus the illusion is created that the spirit-man is human. Human in this context is defined by a state of consciousness which is marked by the awareness of only the physical self and not the spiritual self. Now the nature of the physical self is defined as the beast and ruled by natural instinct, creating the law of survival of the fittest. In this first stage of consciousness the spiritual consciousness is dormant until the physical body has matured. Once the physical body has reached a certain level of maturity, the second stage of consciousness begins to evolves as the spirit begins to awaken from it’s dormancy. This is marked by different levels of intuition. Intuition is spiritual awareness, spiritual awareness comes from the infinite pool of divine wisdom, knowledge and understand. The first stage is marked by physical growth, the second stage is marked by mental growth. The mind is the key to unlocking the door of spiritual bondage of the mental illusion that we are only flesh and blood beings. The third stage is marked by spiritual awareness, the awakening of the god-man or spirit-man as ones true identity that exist in the flesh. This is called being born again.


Planet Earth The Great Space Station


As the spirit-gods begin to inhabit the Earth, a natural family caste system was established. This caste system was based on the natural evolution spirit-gods go through as they came to Earth. First they would be cared for by their biological parents while their bodies are developing, during this time they would learn about how to maintain and use their physical bodies, social customs, community etiquette and values along with spiritual beliefs, ideas and concepts.

Puberty marks the second level of learning which are labouring skills. After learning their family trade they would then go to work as a family indentured servant. After serving ones family obligation, one would then embark on building one’s own family and further ones spiritual awakening.


Human Farming

Human farming is about the social order of human labour. In order to build a community of people with social institutions and buildings you need human labour with a diversity of different skills. This is done through a social cultural education system whereas a cultural society trains it’s members through it’s customs, ritual, ceremony  and traditions.

Tradition is the vehicle in which customs are passed from one generation to the next. Rituals and ceremonies are a cultural way to instill and re-enforce social unity, values, etiquette  and collective purpose, all of  which connects the past present and future of a people through it’s reoccurring actions.

Customs are the way a people do thing’s which in most case stems from one’s natural environment such as terrain. Terrain determines the natural resources people have access to, such as building materials and food just to name a few.

Terrain also impacts a people psychological condition. For example, if a people live in a dangers environment whereas the living conditions are very harsh, difficult and challenging, their mindset and focus would be very different from a people who live in a more pleasant atmosphere such as fertile ground, plenty of natural clean water, and abundance of natural eatable vegetation.

Bloodline Homestaed

The Trubian Village Family Land Project is designed to build family stability and prosperity through the development of our own natural resources. True freedom requires that you have your own land as a source to not only sustain you, but to build from. By having our own land we can build our own townships, villages, produce our own cultural products and system of cultural commerce to collectively enhance the continual advancement of our families.


Bloodline is the sequence and doorway that we, the spiritual children of Truth have entered the Earth through birth. The woman is our doorway to Earth, thus she is to be protected preserved and cherished. Respect and homage is due to the Great Architect of the Universe and to those who have proceeded us to the Earth which has made our travel and passage possible.


Now let’s look at this, as we come to Earth we come through a Bloodline of those who have proceeded us. This bloodline translates into a family fraternity of people on the ground. The condition of this bloodline institution dictates our experience on Earth. Earth is a place where Spirit comes to grow through experience. Fundamentally if you enter a family who is well educated and endowed with material means your experience will be far different then entering a family in oppressive and impoverished conditions. So if you strip away all religion and just look at life as a spiritual ladder, birth is when you come down the latter to enter the earth plane, and death is going up the latter leaving the earths plane, we can then process are duties. It’s the job and duty for every man and woman that enters into the earth through the sacred bloodlines of their Ancestors to create a healthy and productive homestead on earth for all who enter the earth through their family bloodline. The homestead of the family bloodline on earth must position itself to govern it’s own affairs, space and territory for it’s own survival and needs on earth.

For this purpose each registered family unit is able to pay into our family land project giving an opportunity for every family unit to affordably purchase land. The land is purchased in large plots as a tribal collective and is distributed among the families who have payed into our family land project.

Rural land is strategically purchased all throughout North America to serve our community needs, interest and purpose. After land is purchase, no land can be sold or leased to any non-bloodline tribal member. All tribal lands are for the purpose to serve the needs of tribal members. All tribal lands are place under the jurisdiction and authority of the Cutaogula Coahila Tribal Trust.

Family must be the new law, regardless what you think, believe or feel there is a Divine Order, Law & Covenant given to every Bloodline on earth. Some of us come to earth and create our own branch by producing seeds (Children) some of us produce big family branches while other small family branches, now the key is neither large or small but constant eternal and forever. Some branch brake off and die while others brake off and take root. Some trees grow above ground while others grow beneath the ground  and yet still other grow both above and beneath the ground. All trees have roots and without roots life for a bloodline tree would not be.


We must dispel the notion that our Spirit Life begins at our physical birth and ends at our physical death. Our physical birth into this World as flesh & blood Hue’man Being was just a transformation of life through a bloodline Covenant of obedience to the Divine Universal Laws of Nature. Everything in Creation has a nature which governs it’s very existence. The word Nature lintels a design with a system that has a  proper working order. Thus to work a thing against it’s nature will ultimately destroy it. Family has a natural design and a proper working order that must be followed in order to maintain it’s existence on Earth. This is the doctrine and science of the Trubian Village Bloodline Fraternities:


  • House Of Yakaba
  • House Of Truma
  • Sons Of Solomon
  • Yaboa



The Immaculate Conception


The human soul is the vehicle of the Great Spirit.

As the Earth congealed into a life form the Woe’man emerged as the Goddess Mother, Great Mother Queen of Earth. The Woe’man is mentality, physically and spiritual one with the Earth and is the gatekeeper thereof. The woman’s womb is the spiritual gate to the Earth that we as spirit must all travel through to come into the  Earth. In the beginning Earth was inhabited by women who without man gave birth to themselves. The Divine Mother of Ancient instinctively, intuitively knew how to conjure the divine spark that impregnated her. In those days of Ancient the diet was only of the garden, plants, fruits, nuts, berries and all that which was sacred to eat. In the day of the Ancient Queen Mother, Woe’man dwelt and lived as Conscious Spiritual Beings in the state of harmony with Nature, the Gods of Ancient.

Woe’man, the gateway from heaven to Earth. As spirits travel from heaven to Earth spirits are given a bloodline contract which is to uphold the rule and regulations of their bloodline fraternity they would be born into once they entered Earth.

As Above, So Below


As the departed spirits coming from Earth would arrive back in heaven, they would all talk about how wonderful Earth was and how they couldn’t wait to go back. The land of milk and honey is what Earth was called in Heaven.

In Heaven the Woe’man spirit clan was called the Witches and they was and are one of the most senior and powerful clans in Heaven and on Earth. Under the Witch Clan, there was other Spirits Clan’s that belonged to the many different life forms on Earth all of which was under the leadership of the Witch Clan. Many of the other spirits belonging to the other animals on earth became jealous of the woman and wanted to take part in the human experience. This gave rise to a war against the witches in heaven being that the witches on Earth was too powerful to challenge. The secret to the witches powers on earth was in their diet, as long as they did not eat the flesh of any animal or beast their powers would be unchallenged. The day they mingle their blood by eating the flesh of any animal or beast, their bodies with be inhabited by other spirits and loose dominion over the Earth. This knowledge caught the attention of other spirit clans in Heaven who plotted to take Earth over. The only problem, the Soul of The Woman, is the Natural Witch who’s power’s are unchallenged on Earth. She has a natural keen sense both instinctively and intuitively, she is the God of  Earth. Earth is her natural dominion and domain.

In the day when women gave birth to themselves the spirit  of witches would remain conscious through there journey from heaven to earth and from earth to heaven. For this reason the witch clan had an edge, both knowing about of the war in heaven and their place and roll on earth. It was the spirit of the Reptile Clan who led the rebellion against the witches. Their was a Reptilian of the Boa Clan who name was Clion, Clion became aware of one of the witches greatest secrets that gave them the edge on earth, which was the ability to say conscious during their journeys back and forth from heaven to earth.

Clion devised a strategy that would make the witches loose consciousness through their travel from heaven to earth.




There was a time when


There came a day when the Great Council Of  The God’s convened upon the Earth, The Queen Mothers of Ancient decided to create a helpmate and companion in their image and likeness, create her male, the man.


In the Ancient day of the Great Queen, Is said to be when the Gods roamed the Earth. The Gods are in fact the Ancient Woe’man, Queen Mother Earth. Each colony was lead by a council of 13 women. As a structure and governing body leadership was based on matrilineal bloodline.




Now the concept of male and female are a little misleading in the spiritual sense, because male and female only apply in the physical sense and not in the spiritual sense. So when we speak of heaven we must take gender out of the equation for now.


The number one hurdle for the so called Blackman is misinformation. For those who are not aware the Blackman is at war and due to his collective ignorance of this fact just about all of his institutions have been destroyed and his very future upon the Earth is being threaten.

Spiritually man will always be at war and the main war is within himself. The low nature Vs the higher nature, spirit against flesh. The Knowledge of self teaches that we have a dual two sided nature. The nature of the body is instinctive, impulsive divisive and chaotic. It the body of man has not the ability to reason, it can only respond to it’s environment instinctively and impulsively seek natural desire’s for pleasure (food and sex) , to maintain it’s natural will to survival.

The nature of spirit is analytical and methodical and  he carry’s  reason as a tool. Spirit is Thot-full and has higher survival impulses such as love, unity and organization. To explain the natural seemingly opposition within creation God had two set’s of twins one set was called Positive and the other set was called Negative, producing two sons and two daughters. In the Cosomic-mythogy  This is the beginning of all humanity. Now,  God being a loving father gave both sets of twins unlimited free will and they both fight for the supremacy of their fathers Throne, ruler over the Cosmic Universe. Yet God being All Knowing new they both needed each other to exist, so set back to let them learn their lessons, that they need each other and that whey would be more effective rulers if they balance their Divine  Authority as rulers.

Thus the struggle of man is acknowledging the seemingly separate members within his body are also a part of  the body and all need’s to work together to be a healthy and prosperous body.


Your external enemy has condition you to despise yourself, your Ancestor and the very cultural institutions that are your natural inheritance. Do to the mere fact that you deny your Ancestor’s and refuse to listen to their wisdom you are disconnecting yourself from your natural source of self empowerment. To master self, you must be given the knowledge of  your true anatomy, body members and the knowledge on  how  to program them to work together.


The Trubian Village Grand Lodge mission is to resurrect the Temple of The Living God on Earth.

The temple is man and man is Gods vehicle on Earth. The enemy has made everything that is good to appear bad and everything bad to appear good through illusions. When your spirit is aline with truth you would manifest true positive change within your condition.


Science Of Human Life:

Human beings exist in a trinity of a multidimensional existence. Each dimension is connected to each other, yet exist on a different plane of reality that make it seem as though there is a separation. As the heart liver and lungs are different organisms within the body design to work together for the health of the body, so is the trinity of man. Now we know when the organisms within mans body are not working together, then the health of the body will deteriorate.

This brings me to the term God, God is beyond human comprehension, however what we know about God is through it’s manifest reality (Creation).

God is all things know and unknown, all things manifested and none manifested.

Now lets deal with the main seamlessly contradiction in the domain of God if in fact God is all things. Positive and negative, positive becomes negative without balance. If we look at the human body as an example, if the body is well balanced through the proper nutrition, then the body is healthy and we will call this state positive. If the body is not balanced through the proper nutrition, this creates dis-ease  and we will call this state negative. In the bigger picture, when things are inline with nature (Gods Law) we would call this state positive and when thing are out of line with nature (Gods Law) we would call this state negative.

Now let’s apply this to the human condition. As we know within the human body we have what is known as the immune system that fights against dis-ease, well in nature there is also a type of an immune system that works to bring nature into balance and harmony, which again brings me back to what seems as a contradiction within Gods domain of what we call good and evil forces.  Human perception exist in a portal of  space and time, if i may use the analogy of a person driving at night, although he knows if he keep going he will arrive at his place of destination, he can only see as far as his headlights which are confined within space and time.


Divine Family Law:

Their is individual privileged and group privileged. Their are individual benefits and group benefits.

Their are individual punishments and group punishments and all are a result of actions.

Blessings and punishments whether for individuals or groups is the manifestation of their action. The


Having Children:

Children are a continuation of both parents genetically and in social economic disposition.

Mating with a bad gene-pool can result in a defected child. When choosing a mate, one must consider certain factors to assure a healthy child. If one comes from a bad gene-pool it is wise to find a mate from a good gene-pool to bread out of a bad gene-pool and into a good one to assure healthy children.



The Blackman has always had a unique understanding of God, and a relationship with God, the Supreme Source of All Things. It’s time to dispel the illusions of our enemy. The lack of our

understanding of our relationship with God is based on the misinformation of our enemy, which in tern created the dynamic of disorder among our people.

Each religion begins with a cosmology, cosmology is the cosmic conception of Gods Creation. We use the term God as a common term to describe what is beyond Definition. Our Ancients Black African Ancestor’s described God with three main attributes, the Supreme Intelligence, the Supreme Source of All Matter and the Supreme Source Of All Energy, from which is the source of all things known and unknown in the Universe and beyond.

Now lets look at this, does this fit the belief in one God or many. We were told that our Ancestor’s believed in many God’s so that we would turn away from the teachings of our Ancestor’s.


As our Ancestor’s was left with the task of describing the indescribable and conveying a truth for not only their time but all time. Thus in their genus they created a story (Mythology) that metamorphorized  the attributes, principles and elements of God to explain the manifestation of God into material existence as well as Gods relationship with man and creation. In traditional African cosmology the so called  gods represents the  the infinite different levels of Gods manifestation into the physically realm. In Gods duality there is Positive & Negative, None Existence & Infinite Existence. God is the Master Architect, The Spirit of spirits, The Flesh of flesh, God is the Life Source Of All Things In Existence. God is like the Ocean and man is like a cup of It’s water. They are both the same substance with the same qualities, yet they are different in quantity which changes the dynamic of  Finite Ability to Infinite Ability.

Now as we have established our foundation of Creation lets go into the Cosmicmythology. The Cosmic-mythology is an Ancient method of teaching scientific principles encompassing both the spiritual and physical reality of the universe. Cosmic-mythology is a story that has not only a surface meaning and esoteric meaning, but has many different layers of meanings according to the field of study.

manifestation or results of action, impact,  can be immediate, over a short period of time or a long period of time.

The anatomy of man: We will use the Metu Neter as our Cosmic-mythology tree of life guide to break down the anatomy of man. As Above so below, the deities are the regulating principles that represents the different leaves of  Gods manifestation into human creation, the god-man. The story of the god-man is the prototype that metaphorically and esoterically represents all man. So the deities dually represent the multidimensional aspects of  the universe  as well as man.



Great civilizations are not marked by high ideals, but effective systems and institution to carry them out. The Greater of us realize that all of humanity is of one flesh, one blood and one spirit that share in the divine substance of creation. As we fight against greed and oppression and for the right to live freely  under the Sovereignty of God.


Law & Order:

Community Sovereign is proclaimed through it’s God given right to have a piece of the Earth as a group and live by it’s own form of government as long as it’s not at the expense of others.

From this they formulate their own institutions and system of authority to safe guard their group interest.


The Illusion Of Multiculturalism;

The rulers of this World are trying to control the world through force integration and group assimilation. To merge people of all origins into one social, philosophical, economic stander for the purposeof doing away with the freedom of social diversity and challenge.


Trubian Village

Seven Cultural Stander & Principles



To strive for and maintain unity in family, community, nation and race.


 To define ourselves, name ourselves, create for ourselves and speak for ourselves.

Collective Work & Responsibility:

to build and maintain our community together. Making our brothers and sister problems and solving them together.

Cooperative Economics:

To build and maintain our own stores, shops  businesses and profit from them together.


To make our collective vocation the building and developing of our community in order to restore our people to their traditional greatness


To do always as much as we can, in the way we can, in order to leave our community more beautiful and beneficial then we inherited.


to believe with all our heart in God, family and our community and the righteousness and victory of our struggle.


Community Decree

  1. Live under the Sovereignty of God.
  2. Give reverence to the Ancestors.
  3. Minister to the needs of our community and others as our cultural wisdom instructs.
  4. Preserve and secure the integrity of our Ancestral Heritage, Traditions, and Culture principles.


The Trubian Village Community Pledge


I pledge my allegiance to the Red, Black, Green and Gold flag of our people.

The Red is for the blood of our ancestors that gave us life.

The Black is for the mysterious origin of our people.

The Green is for the Motherland of our people.

The Gold is for the spirit of God that dwells in the souls of our people

I promise to strive for Unity in my family, community and nation.

I will always be determined to better the conditions of myself, family and nation.

I will always strive to help solve our fellow brothers and sisters problems as if they were our own.

I will always make a conscious effort to support the businesses of our fellow brothers and sisters.

I will make my purpose the vocation of building our community in order to restore our people to their traditional greatness.

I will always strive to enhance and cultivate the creative talents in our children.

I will always have faith in God, myself and my


Grand Mission:

  The Trubian Village Cultural ministry established to give traditional American Aborigine Holistic guidance as a path to a healthy and productive life spiritually, mentally, physically and economically.


The Grand Mission Is To Create The Trubian Village Corporate State.

The Trubian Village Corporate State foundation is based in American Constitutional Law. The formation of the American Aborigine Corporate State is a legal way Americans Aborigine can move to solve their own social economic problems. Through buying land and developing their own corporate townships / City States, they would be able to determine their own community policy’s and overall destiny.


As a cultural ministry our mission is not only to set in place a complete cultural infratructure that encompass every aspect of life as a means to create a healthy community environment that nurtures the positive growth and development of the American Aborigine community, but to also establish territory for American Aborigine people. Thus proving a healthy American Aborigine cultural infrastructure and echo system that feeds the spiritual, mental, physical  and economic needs of the African-American Community.