Family Reconstruction

Family Organization

From birth one is born into a family fraternity organization, this organization has a natural pecking order and chain of command.

To my so called African American brother and sisters, if your so called leadership is not addressing your legal status in America you are being played as a fool. True freedom is the act of self governing your own affairs, we were told that we was free as long as we stayed away from trying to govern our own affairs as free people do. True freedom is the act of governing our own affairs, therefore freedom in it’s essence is self-government. Self government begin with family organization, each family is a domain of it’s own authority and if organized effectively would be a strong social force and economic power. Now is the time to reorganize our family units into a Family Nation State that governs its own affairs. Collective wealth is stronger than individual wealth and with a family alliance we can strategically throw our weight around socially, politically and economically for our collective advancement. The legacy we must leave behind is a system of organization of self-government and the knowledge to maintain it.

Trubian Village is reaching out to families who would like to join our coalition of families to start building our own Nation State. Freedom is an action that only you can take, no one can take it for you.

The idea of government and authority should begin and end within the family structure. Freedom is the act of self governing your own affairs and resources without external influence. Now family authority starts with parenting where the natural order of elder and youth is established.

Kingdoms are established through the domain of one’s own offspring, which creates the natural order of authority and government. Parents are the natural authority and governors over their children who allocate the necessary resources needed to help them become productive members of the family clan. When children grow up and marry they become a branch off the family tree, branches then produce fruit that becomes a part of the collective resources of the family or tribe.

We have been mis-educated into a system of service to others instead of servicing ourselves. We must start with each family unit, which is Mother, Father and child and then work outward to our extended family. Our strength has always been in our numbers and collective creativity that we must learn how to use for our own growth and development instead of building other peoples wealth.

Nation Building:

True education is liberating and teaches the science of self government. Trubian Village is developing an aboriginal American Family Confederacy, a union between families who will work together toward being independent even if it take seven generation or more. If we are not moving toward self-government we are submitting to our own enslavement by default.

If your would like to join our family network and be a part of our family freedom movement please contact Us (877)937-7704

Up top is my family clan / tribe / fraternity
Shots out to my French-Johnson Family Clan

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