Collective Work & Responsibility

Life is a continuum of one generation to the next

Achievements and progress must work in a continuum of space and time. The sins of one generation often time fall on the laps of another, life cycles are circular, the choices of today are the affects of tomorrow. We have become short sighted by the brutal affects of slavery where we no longer see the future as an extension of ourselves. The biological makeup of our Ancestors is the essence of our Being, just as we are to our children. As the cycle of life goes, your offspring will either be blessed or cursed by the choices you make. I understand the struggle and i would like to see myself here on Earth another Billion years.

It’s time the African Family get into global formation from the oldest to the youngest. We must be able to distinguish between our natural customs and our ecological customs and never allow our ecological customs to divide us. It’s no secret what the “Global African Family” has suffered and continue to suffer under the manipulating hand of others. We must build a social institution for us and by us that is going to insure the proliferation of our bloodlines throughout eternity.

When you take on the mindset of your enemies, you become your own enemy.

May God bless our hands and my our Ancestors be pleased with our life’s work.

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