Cultural Economics Begins With Cultural OwnerShip

Being Stripped Of Your Culture, Is Being Stripped Of Your Own Economic Eco-System

If we don’t learn from our pass we are doomed in our future. Culture’s are developed by people who learn from their group experiences, and the riches culture’s are the one who have been around the longest.  You would find how other cultures who are younger would use the knowledge and wisdom of older cultures.

My dear brothers and sisters, their are two point that i would like to make. First, although in segregation black people were forced to segregate, black people had more group wealth and ownership of their community, which facilitated our own economic eco-system that enable the black dollar to circulate within the black community. Thus true equality does not come by sharing the same water fountain on the terms of your opponent,  but having the means and resources to have your on water fountain on your own terms. My second and most important point is, if you take on someone else state of mind, that would mean that you are out of your own mind. This is why we are loosing the battle, we need to have a mental and spiritual exodus out of Eurocentric thinking and have a mass movement back to Afrocentric thinking so you mind may benefit you.

Who fight’s to sleep in the bed of his enemy, we need to fight to have our own bed. Never should a man have to accept being humiliate and treated like an animal in the hope to prove himself worthy of his oppressor. Your oppressor maintains his privilege through your oppression. Thus white privilege is only maintained through the suppression of Black Power.

One Love.

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  1. I don’t even know what to say, this made things so much eareis!

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