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The Secret to Natural Beauty”

Raw Remedies natural hair care salon offers therapeutic beauty services and natural hair care. They are located in the famous Art’s District, Down Town Las Vegas Nevada. Theses aboriginal sisters provide 100% natural Organic hair care products and unique hairstyles to fit any personality.

I had the honor of meeting the Founder and Owner  Bobby Mullins at the Concrete Rose Event Meet up event held in Las Vegas September 22, 2018. This Divine Feminine was one of the panel speakers for the night. Her words of inspiration pierced through my heart as she spoke about the aboriginal/black/negro communities need to be self efficient with businesses and networking. Unity and woman empowerment was the theme of the night however, Bobby stated facts about our communities economic situation and how everyone else profits from our community but us. Which, in my opinion is a part of women’s empowerment! There is a great need to work as a unit in business. This can be done simply by choosing to purchase products from your own community. We are the number one consumers in America yet we own the least amount of business and land. All too often we see ourselves buying products from every other nationality but complain about pricing, or frown upon our own. A lot of this is due to the quality and service that some of us provide. Who wants to shop or get services from a business that has no etiquette or is dirty? Too many times I have heard other sisters say they don’t like shopping at black/aboriginal business because of the owners or employees attitude.  No one wants to be in a unsanitary place for any reason so we must make cleanliness a priority. Indeed we must place quality and customer service at a high standard so that we serve our community with the best. Raw Remedies has proven to be both professional and clean-let’s not forget the good vibes you leave with.  They have great quality products with great service to match. If you are ever in the Las Vegas Area and need your hair groomed contact Raw Remedies. They also have Soulful Sundays where you can listen to spoken word and music, get a removable Henna tattoo, or grab a beer and chill in the culture. I have been there on Sunday and the vibes were nice. They have had Black Food Festivals and Block Parties.. Look on their website for up to date events.. Good Stuff!


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