Several Mysterious Deaths In Cuyahoga County Jail, Cleveland, Ohio,

After several mysterious deaths in a local jail, this judge is taking a shocking stance on jail sentences. Here’s why.  6 people have died at Cuyahoga County Jail in Cleveland, Ohio, in only four months’ time. Judge Michael L. Nelson Sr. is fed up and now he’s taking a stand.

Judge Nelson is refusing to send low-level offenders who have committed less serious crimes to the jail.“Six deaths means the jail is unsafe,” Judge Nelson told the New York Times in an interview. Judge Nelson isn’t new to taking a stand for a cause. He’s a former president of the local N.A.A.C.P. chapter and was involved in activism surrounding the murder of Tamir Rice. Judge Nelson is going to set personal bonds, which will let people leave his court without having to pay.

Several of the inmates who died passed away under mysterious circumstances that are still not known.
Judge Nelson’s step to keep people out of the jail is a great response that highlights just how deadly jail can be. 


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