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144 Family Township Resort

144 Family Township Resort

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The 144 Family townships resort, creating our own culture domain and economic monopoly through having and maintaining our own community place. Utilizing both the oasis of our home lands of theĀ  north American deserts and wilderness. Modern technology has made it a simple scientific process to develop a community out of scratch in the middle of nowhere. The new frontier is private townships resorts off the grid.


As indigenous people of North America we believe in working with Mother Nature to shape our future. For this reason our aim is to shift and shape our way of life to line up with the nature and natural cycles of our environment in order to produce a healthy and productive life .



The frontier is private off the grid township resorts which enables a collective body of people to create their own social domicile and economic territorial monopoly. No longer should we have to live in a rat race where there is never enough, when we can choose to live in our own controlled societies where we can dictate or own pro’s ans con’s. It is time we grow up and administrate our own affairs though the operation and maintenance of our own communities.


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