The Truma Women Society

Trubian Village

The Truma Chamber

The Trubian Village Grand Family Lodge is the seat of the Truma Chamber, which consist of the 13 Trubian Village Supreme Clan Mothers.

Seven Seats of the Supreme Clan Mother Council are Hereditary,  and the remanding six seats are elected and shall serve for 13 years until / or:

  1. Their crossing over [death];
  2. The Clan Mother wishes to resign;
  3. If deemed mentally or physically unfit for council by the remaining Clan Mothers and Head Trunas collectively; or
  4. Found to be guilty of ARTICLE 4 Sections 5 and 6 and / or ARTICLE 11, and will be punished as per this ARTICLE 4 Sections 5 and 6; and / or ARTICLE 11.

The Truma Society

The Truma Chamber consist of 13 women, called the Supreme Clan Mothers or Truma, these women are the Trubian Village Cultural Custodians and their cultural subsidiary is the Sisterhood . The Sisterhood is the Trubian Village cultural woman's fraternity. We call these women the gate keepers. The Sisterhood reside over many of the social and cultural functions of day to day community life.

s.  Membership: Membership is a private process based of bloodline relationships and or through private invitation. As an indigenous tribal institution all membership is based on family linage,  history, heritage and birth right. Cultural Custodians:  As cultural Custodians, they are in charge of maintaining the integrity of tribal customs, rituals and ceremonies. The recording of Official Tribal Records..

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