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 Cuthaugula Coahuila


Trubian Village Tribal Society

Tribal Bloodline Fraternity Cultural Ministry


Our mission is to improve the quality of life for our members. As a tribal cultural ministry our objectives are to develop traditional social functions to keep family clans socially interactive, work toward centralizing family clans to Common Cities and areas. Collectively work with the family clans to develop social programs and to help establish a social and political position in its designated city or area. Through membership Develop funds through fund raising and marketing our cultural functions and event's to help family clans purchase property and established culturally based businesses. Create social clubs and other institutions to train and educate our children to serve our community and as well expand the membership and views of our society.


Trubian Village is not a traditional ministry, but a proactive tribal community outreach which is rooted in traditional indigenous America's cultural customs, traditions and values. We believe Universal Truth transcends religion, gender, colour, race or creed. It applies to all people alike, this truth is a spiritual truth, which is the one truth of the Supreme Being..


Cuthaugula Coahuila


Cuthaugula Coahuila Represents The North-America Branch Of Our Ancient Global Bloodline. We must reclassify and reclaim our national identity in order to be recognize in our national sovereign capacity. We must redefine who we are as an international people who have been scattered across the world. No longer should we allow artificial boundaries and colonizing languages to divide or separate us from our ancient bloodline family lineages. We are the original melanated aborigines of this planet. From Africa, Asia, Indonesia, Melanesia, Polynesia to the America's. Our families are the original people of this planet. In every land there are ancient stories of our people from the first Chinese dynasty to the first Japanese samurai warrior. The false narrative that all melanated people was transplanted from Africa to the so called new world through the transatlantic slave- trade can't stand to the facts of our ancient migrations and sea travels by way of the Pacific Islands which was from Africa to the America's. We all know the Earth was one body of land that we the people of the Earth occupied and when the Earth broke apart we existed in all lands. It is time to shed the limited territorial concepts of self and replace it with being children of the Earth, and take our rightful place as the divine custodians there of.


Cuthaugula Couhuila Tribal Bloodline Fraternities 


No Longer Shall Race Be Our Focus Point, But the Advancement Of Our Bloodline's Shall Be The Goal.


(Family First)


How do we define our own boundaries and determine who's within our ranks? Our boundaries are interwoven within our collective values and within our ranks are the many branch of our Ancestral Bloodline Tree. A woman is like onto a tree that can have many branches, within her belly many nations can arise. The natural order of authority is from the parent to the child. This order also creates a much more complex order call the natural order of Kinship. The order of kinship starts at some common Ancestor that ranks each generation according to kinship association, age, gender and etc.


If we work from within and connect the dots through family relationships our bloodline connections would become visible. We would awaken as a giant with a body and consciousness that transcends international boarders creating an international family based communication network that provides different layers of family protection and many business networking advantages and benefits. It is through the proper organizing of our family ranks that's going to determine our collective success.


The National Assembly Of American Aboriginal Bloodline's

Classification's / Definition Of (Black):

Black is an adjective that when applied to indigenous people of America with dark skin complexion it refers to a mixture of ancient bloodline's that inhabited the America's as a part of it's indigenous population. These groups such as Mayan, Inca, Aztec, Choctaw,Cherokee, Seminole, Taino etc, are now known as: Negrito, Moreno, Afro-Latino, Negro, African-American, Black, Colored, Mulatto, Indian, Blackamoor.

It is no more right to deny the tragedies of the middle passage and kinship to the African's who arrived as slaves, as to deny the kinship to our American Aboriginal Ancestral roots that is more closely related to Melanesians and Polynesians of the Pacific despite the commonly held notion of West Africa. If you are trying to explain the so called African features of skin complexion and hair texture of the American Aborigine, simple look to the Pacific as your source of Melanated skin and hair texture. This phenotype commonly known as Negro encompass all phenotype as the original phenotype of planet Earth.


Bloodline Fraternity Decree:

It is decreed, that all bloodline's within our family ranks may charter themselves into a fraternal order as tribal members of Cuthaugula Coahuila Tribal Estate, which is that of a “Family Bloodline Nation State”. Each bloodline fraternity nation state is a part of a collective National Alliance.

Bloodline fraternities are the collective organization of individual family clans of the same bloodline. It is also within these ranks of each bloodline fraternity that governs each individual family clan.


Look not into the pass at our challenges but the lessons we learned from our challenges as a mean's to help propel us into our future.

By: Minko Yakaba



A new system of social governance where family value's and the order of family bloodline are the Supreme Law. Bloodline Fraternities

are Social containers that govern individual family clans of the same bloodline. Bloodline Fraternities work as a collective through a Tribal Council, Constitution, and a set of family values, rituals, customs and traditions.


Bloodline Fraternities are based on the organization of bloodline relationships and not any particular faith, religion or spiritual disciplines. The reality of bloodline transcends any system of divination. WE see All True Faiths, Religions and Spiritual Disciplines as equal, true and valid systems of divination. SO NEVER let these difference come between our Bloodline Unity. Bloodline Fraternities as a family cultural organization can choose within their own ranks whether or not if they want to base their family organization (Bloodline Fraternity) on a particular faith, religion or spiritual discipline.


Tribal Bloodline Fraternity Collectives:

A bloodline fraternity collective consist of 144 bloodline fraternities. Each bloodline fraternity collective creates a territorial tribal state.

Each tribal territorial state has one representative from each of it's tribal fraternities creating each tribal state it's governing Congress.


Tribal Lands:

Each tribal bloodline fraternity is part of a collective of tribal bloodline fraternities. Tribal Lands are acquired through this collective of bloodline fraternities. Each Tribal Bloodline Fraternity collectively buys into tribal lands. These tribal lands would then be shared among each tribal lands Fraternity collective. The buy in of each Bloodline Fraternity would pay for the collective tribal township development.


We hold as Universal Truth & As Divine Revelation that we are a part of a greater existence beyond ourselves and this existence is the Great Existence in which we all exist within and through as a divine manifestations there of. AS the heart, liver and lungs are separate organisms, yet they mutually work for the health of the one body. Just as the heart pumps blood through the body and plants create oxygen so that we may breathe. Beyond our conscious awareness and knowledge of who we are, there is a greater reality that we are one with the All and All in the One, where through the ALL We are able to

exist, move about and have our divine experience. As spiritual beings we come to earth through the channel of bloodline. Each bloodline channel has earth portals, the earth portals are the women of a bloodline. This is the sacred knowledge of the Ancients. We exist through a divine Cosmic-Conception from which is beyond human explanation. WE are spiritual energy manifested through a chain of life, this life is the Light of “All Living Things”. Each Bloodline was blessed with this Light through a Bloodline Covenant, from which each bloodline vowed three things, one is to never forget where it came from, For it is said that once a people forget they deviate from the path and activate the karmic laws of self destruction. Two always honor, respect, protect, preserve and serve your bloodline chain as the sacred torch of life, for ones Bloodline Fraternity is responsible for keeping the light of Life lit for the present and for all future generations to come.


Through establishing our network and web of bloodline fraternities we are able to reconfigure our community from a grassroots rudimentary molecular family level. Bloodline Fraternities are the governing body of individual family clans of the same bloodline.

Bloodline Fraternities keep official records of it's tribal members and a history of each one of it's individual family clans. Bloodline Fraternities are in charge of annul bloodline events, celebrations, ceremonies and traditions.



Cuthaugula Coahuila 

National Family State Government 


Cuthaugula Coahuila First Family Registry is where and how Indigenous American families become members-beneficiaries under the domain of the Cuthaugula Coahuila Tribal Trust / National Family State Government. We are a confederation of Indigenous American families uniting under the Cuthaugula Coahuila Indigenous American Nationality identification Banner and customs.


First family is a reference to the Cuthaugula Coahuila family hierarchy system which records the birth of a new family in the Cuthaugula Coahuila Family Nation State Government. Each family bloodline fraternity is a State within itself and from the first family the bloodline fraternity is recorded as heirs of the family State and Estate.


The structure of family government starts with parents. Children are under the Dominion of their parents and the natural order of family authority and hierarchy goes from parents, all children are under the rank of extended family members such as Aunts and Uncles or the like within a bloodline fraternity. Within each family clan family authority goes from parents to the first born on to the last born, first generation to the last, first cousin and so on. Each generation is part of the natural chain of command and each generation will naturally proceed in authority after the generation before it. When a family branch becomes large in number meaning someone has had a lot of children producing many grandchildren and great grandchildren which then they become their own sister state and a new bloodline fraternity evolves to be known as a sister state within the tribe while maintaining the original structure of hierarchy as it relates to the founding parents through generation.


Cuthaugula Coahuila Family State Representatives:

Each Bloodline Fraternity State appoints a representative to serve on the Cuthaugula Coahuila National Tribal Congress giving all Bloodline Fraternity States a voice.


  1. First Order of Organization: Cultural Covenant & Creed. The Cultural Covenant & Creed is the communities Constitutional rule's, guidelines and customs that set us apart from the masses.

  2. Second Order: Community Commitment & Accountability, in order to build a Nation members must be loyal, reliable and trust worthy.

  3. Third Order: Community Rank & File. The community rank & file is the order of community delegated authority .




Trubian VillageTribal Customs

First Family Bloodline Charter


First Family Bloodline Charter:

A First Family is defined as the original family clan who chartered a tribal bloodline fraternity through the Trubian Village Tribal Society under the Cuthaugula Coahuila Tribal Clan. First family is a reference to the Trubian Village family hierarchy system which records the birth of a new Family Bloodline Fraternity State in the Cuthaugula Coahuila Tribal State Government. Each family bloodline fraternity is a State within itself and from the first family the bloodline is recorded as heirs of the family Bloodline Fraternity State and Estate. Within our tribal system and structure the first family is the foundation of our community tribal order. Each first family establishes a bloodline fraternity within the collective domain of our tribal order. Each bloodline fraternity serves as a governing body under our greater tribal order.


Tribal Structure:

There are four classes of chief’s, House Chief, Clan Chief, Tribal Fraternity Chief and National Chief . In our custom when a woman and man have a child, both parents become “House Chiefs”. When a woman and man become grandparents both grandparents then become

Clan Chiefs. Tribal Chiefs are bloodline relatives that sit over two or more family clan’s of the same bloodline. Tribal Chiefs

come out of the order of the first family. Each Family Bloodline Fraternity chooses it's own methed and prosses for picking their own leadership. The National Chief, is the chief of chiefs among the chiefs of the Cuthaugula Coahuila Nation.


The order of family:

  1. family intention

  2. family principles

  3. family commitment


Family organization:

  1. from birth to 19 is a family minor

  2. from 20 to 39 family adult

  3. from 40 to 59 family elder

  4. from 60 to 79 family grand-elder

  5. from 80 to spiritual departure Supreme Elder


Minors education responsibilities, duties and privilages:

From birth to age 7 there is a focus on the development of physiological coridination, languege and mental development skills through color and shape word associations, letters and number sound associations into word phrase, sentiences and number solutions. From the age of four to nine there is a focus on teaching hygiene, self control, etiquettes, responsibilities, duties and privilages. From the age of seven to fourteen there is a focus on learning how to work and serve withing the family social order. From the age of ten to nineteen the focus is on talent and work skill development. From the age of fourteen to twenty one there is a focus on family fraternity bloodline rites and intiations.


Adult responsibilities, duties and privilages:

There are four ranks of family tribal adults which are according to age from 20 to 24 is the first rank, the second rank is from 25 to 29. The third rank is from 30 to 34 and the fourth rank is from 35 to 39. In this way all family members go through a natural life cast system giving every generation a turn in the family ranking system. From the age of 21 to 33 is the age used to master a trade. Once a person master a trade, he or she can applied for a Master Builders Trade Certificate

which give the abilility to start their own tribal business enterprise. From the age of 33 to 39 is focused on ether new tribal business enterprise or climbing the ladder of tribal community administrative services.


Elder responsibilities, duties and privilages:

There is one overall classification's of elder through age and two divisions of Elders through occupational trade, Tribal Cultural Ministers as civil servants and tribal merchants / business owner known as the class of Yaboa. Elders are community mentors and

their responsibilities and duties are to supervise and oversee the day to day operation of the community in their respected field of service.


Grand Elder responsibilities, duties and privileges:

There is one overall classification's of Grand Elder through age and two divisions of Grand Elders through occupational trade, Tribal Cultural Ministers as civil servants and tribal merchants / business owner known as the class of Yaboa. Grand Elder are community mentors and their responsibilities and duties are community advisers in their respected field of expertise.


Supreme Elder responsibilities, duties and privileges:

There is one overall classification's of Supreme Elder through age and two divisions of Supreme Elder through occupational trade, Tribal Cultural Ministers as civil servants and tribal merchants / business owner known as the class of Yaboa. Supreme Elder are retired community mentors and their responsibilities and duties are community advisers in their respected field of expertise.



Childbirth is seen as a family spirit entering or reentering earth. The journey from the spirit world to the physical world is seen as the first initiation into the family bloodline fraternity. From the act of coming into the world there is a welcoming ceremony where the child is given the family groups bloodline fraternity name. A second and more personal name is also given to the child based on the child’s birth chart or characteristics, which can be given to the child at the ceremony or shortly thereafter.

Rites Of Passage:

From the age 14 to 21 children go through a tribal mentoring and educational process. When a child turns 21 the tribal mentoring and educational program is complete and the child is given a transition party to celebrate becoming a tribal adult.



Marriages are seen as the launching of a new tribal state under the tribal government, therefore the ceremony consist of the official launching of a new family state and the crowning of new chiefs as the authority of that state. Families are the cornerstone of our tribal nation. Also the institution of marriage is seen as a business empire, therefore the institution is officiated through a business contract where as both husbands and wives have equal shares within the family business organization.


Monogamy & Polygamy:

Monogamy and polygamy are the two forms of marriage within our tribal institutions. Both forms of marriage each participant has equal shares in the family wealth. Shares of the family can not be bought or sold, they are inherited through family bloodline only.



Divorce is not promoted or encouraged, it's something that is seen as a community tragedy. Divorce only take place under extreme circumstance, by a marriage being seen as a tribal state government, husband and wife have the responsibility of tribal state officials and are held to the official tribal state standers. Extreme conditions that constitute reasons for divorce, family treason, embezzlement and physical abuse.


Birthday Tradition:

Birthdays are seen as gifts from your parents and ancestors, so before one celebrates their birthday they give honor and recognition to their parents and ancestors. Community birthday tradition is that the community gives a potluck birthday celebration party on the last Sunday of each month to honor birthdays within each month.


Death is seen as a spiritual transition of passing over to the spirit world. The death ceremony has three parts, preparing the deceased body for burial, commemorating the life of the deceased and asking the Great Spirit to guide the deceased safely back into the spirit world.



There is two forms of membership: Active Bloodline and Initiated Bloodline. Active Bloodline are membership of good standing and initiated are members who have been initiated into the House of Yakaba. .


Membership Requirements, Must Have Two Of The Following:

  1. Must be blood related to one of the founding members.

  2. Must be of original American Aboriginal descendant.

  3. Must have a tribal sponsor.

  4. Must be approved by the Tribal Trust Council.

Membership Initiation Rites:

As most cultures have customs, traditions and rituals like naming ceremonies, rite of passage, marriage traditions and death rites and rituals, we also implement our own. These are cultural programs that connect a people in concepts, ideas and principles.

In the Cosmic-mythology the God-man prototype dies and is born again and wins victory over death. Initiation is the reenactment of this process.


Members Initiation Probation:

The first 365 days all members initiates are on probation. During this time members go through a community orientation that covers the five main areas of our cultural community organization.


The Five Main Areas:

  1. Trubian Study Group

  2. Trubian Charity Workshop

  3. Cultural Business Marketing & Development

  4. Community Security & Self-Defense

  5. Trubian Village Leadership Workshop




Bloodline Fraternities:

Bloodline Fraternities are the gateway to our cultural society and tribal nation mentally, spiritually, socially and economically. Our Bloodline Fraternities play a critical roll in our cultural economic and educational system. Each Bloodline Fraternity consist of two fraternity heads, a Truma and the Trunas. The head Truma is called the Yakuma and the head Trunas is called the Yakuba. Each Bloodline Fraternities is governed jointly by a Yakuma and a Yakuba.


The Office Of Yakuma And Yakuba:

The mission of these offices is to institute a cultural community infrastructure through establishing Bloodline customs, ceremonies, rituals and traditions. The objective is to create a strong family network between it's individual family clans as a means to unifying our Tribal Creed. Yakuma And Yakuba sits over the Order of Bloodline Fraternity as Chief Governors. This position is not just the Bloodline Fraternity figureheads, but is also the Bloodline Fraternity Supreme Governors and family magistrate.


Tribal Bloodline Fraternity Collectives:

A bloodline fraternity collective consist of 144 bloodline fraternities. Each bloodline fraternity collective creates a territorial tribal state.

Each tribal territorial state has one representative from each of it's tribal fraternities creating each tribal state it's governing body.


Tribal Lands:

Each tribal bloodline fraternity is part of a collective of tribal bloodline fraternities. Tribal Lands are acquired through this collective of bloodline fraternities. Each Tribal Bloodline Fraternity collectively buys into tribal lands. These tribal lands would then be shared among each tribal lands Fraternity collectively. The buy in of each Bloodline Fraternity pays for purchase, development and maintanence of tribal land township.


Tribal Bloodline Fraternity Collective Land Ownership:

A class of a 144 Bloodline Fraternities pay into a tribal collective

$1.000 as tribal fraternity dues. In a Bloodline Fraternity group collective, each Bloodline Fraternity pays in $1.000 a month for the cost of purchase, development and maintenance of tribal lands. The cost goes into each bloodline fraternity tribal property share holdings,

of which goes toward the purchase, development and maintenance of tribal property. All proceeds made through tribal property businesses and enterprises will then be equally divided between the 144 tribal house bloodline fraternities as tribal property beneficiaries.


Bloodline Fraternity Property Centers:

Each Bloodline Fraternity would recieve it's own two acrea tribal family compound and a two acrea village business center.


Cultural System:

Each Bloodline Fraternity operates within the Trubian Village cultural system called the ladder of Yakaba. The ladder of Yakaba is a cultural system that promotes social and spiritual development through giving community incentives to those who work to climb the cultural ladder.


Ladder of Yakaba:

The ladder begins with the order of community apprentice and end with the order of master builder.



Before one can become an apprentice they must first be endorse by a journeyman and cosigned by a master builder. The apprentice will then serve under the master builder who cosigned their communal entry.



A journeyman is a skilled laborer that can specialize in a number of things, according to the needs of their master builder and or overall family.


Master Builder:

Once a member has established the membership of a master builder, he or she may become registered as a Yaboa and build their own tribal enterprise. The order of master builder are called the Yaboa community, which is an elite group of Elders that make up each Bloodline Fraternity inner circle. If a master builder wish to establish their own tribal enterprise they are responsible for paying a 10% monthly tribal enterprise tax.

The Master Builder Cultural Commerce:

It is our duty to work toward becoming self-sufficient in producing what we consume under the Sovereignty of God.


Cultural Art & Education Cultural Entertainment

Cultural Architecture & Tribal Land Development Spiritual Science

Publishing Clothing Jewelry Food Elixirs Knowledge Movies

Tribal Sports Franchises


Trubian Village Cultural Economic Infrastructure

  1. Building our own exclusive industries around our cultural customs, traditions and values. Establishing our own economic echo-system that enable us to circulate our wealth within our community.

  2. To create jobs and occupations, our cultural echo system has service personal based on our cultural accreditation. We have all types of different classes of certified cultural professionals, based on our customs, traditions and values.


Aborigines Of America Heritage Committee:

The Aborigines Of America Heritage Committee determines annual cultural events, community celebrations and cultural ceremonies, such as baptism, rites of passage, marriage and funerals. Thus defining the guidelines for some certified community service practitioners.


Yaboa Committee:

The Yaboa committee and community is our cultural merchant society.

Vangu Committee:

Vangu represent the full body of knowledge of all Holistic Cultural Arts & Sciences of “Well Being”. We call those who live by this universal truth, Tru'bian which means “a child of truth.” The Vangu Committee defining the guidelines for our certified Vangu Therapist service practitioners.





Vangu Holistic Therapy






 Family Marriage Children


Vangu Yoga

Meditation Stretching Dance


Physical Therapy

Cleansing Diet Exercise





Cultural Economics:

The four major commodities of a particular culture are it's art, fashion, food and architecture. Now the art to economic success is to control the management, production and distribution of the goods and services of a particular market. By institutionalizing our own creative activities and holidays based on our own experiences, we would accomplish three things. One, give our children a constant reminder of their rich heritage, Two promote unity among our youth and Three increase jobs by promoting America Aboriginal business.


To maintain a constant consciousness of our family identity, objectives and mission throughout all time on earth, we must have a system that regenerate our thoughts ideas and aspiration in every generation. Through our Cultural rituals and traditions we connect our past, present and future to our group thoughts, ideas, aspirations and goals.

By Chief Minko Yakaba



Community Organization & Customs:

Family-ism = Bloodline walks in life together as an Independent Nation State. The collective nation is the extended family network that brake down into Bloodline Hierarchies that establish our family fraternities who govern the Nation. When a child is born there needs to be a Cultural System in place to nurture that child to reach it's highest potential, therefore there needs to also be a collective community purpose, commitment and accountability to all the village children. When a child is born the parents participate in a community ceremony that includes the village family mentoring system. First the parents looks throughout the community for a married couple of good Yaboa standing to serve as their child godparents. Godparents serve as second parents, mentors, House Chiefs and community leaders.

Godparent is the highest community honer for a married couple and is the Cornerstone to our cultural customs. Through this system the child enters the tribal community mentoring system by receiving godparents. Godparents serving as House Chiefs and community leaders. Children are seen as the number one treasure of the communities collective wealth.

Shortly after a child is born an ointment ceremony is give, this is where the parents offer their child to share in the nurturing and development of the child with their godparents. After this ceremony

there is a coming together of family and friends in feast and festivities.

The second community initiation is entering the rite of passage program called liberty scouts. Upon completion the child becomes a junior Tru'bian.

A third major community ceremony is a coming of age where the junior Cuthaugula Coahuila become an adult Cuthaugula Coahuila. A fourth is marriage.


Cuthaugula Coahuila is a matriarch community, we hold the woman in high esteem for she is the gatekeeper and mother of the family. The first member of the human family was the Woman who gave birth to her Son. Thus the foundation of our community is based on the relationship between a Mother and her Son. The relationship between a mother and her son is also reflected in the relationship that the Son have with his future wife.

To stop the negative cycles within our community we must start holding our family and community to a higher standard of values. We must raise our little girls to be the foundation of our families, for they hold the future seeds of our community. It's through the birth of our mothers that we are here, so we must honor and respect our Mothers. Men are son first and are the help mate's of their Mothers first, until they marry and become partnered with a wife or wives of their own. At this point men are now help mate and majestic partner with his wife and life partner. The newly established family roll in to collectively support each other and work with their elders to maintain strong and healthy family relationships. Men roll is protector and provider for their family, women roll is to nurturer, instruct and hold down the house, because the house represents home base, headquarters of the family empire.


Land and Culture are the two fundamental items for any group of people to be self productive, and so out of land and culture we have developed six building points.


Our Community Six Building points:


The Six Point's:

  1. Culture (World View) Culture is not only the vehicle in which information is past down from one generation to the next, but also a system of education and community cohabitation.

  2. Family Customs ( Family Organization) Family customs are very important because they are the rules and guidelines of family organization.

  3. Civics (Community Organization) Community Laws, customs are very important because they are the rules and guidelines of community organization.

  4. Land (Community Foundation)

  5. Cultural Products ( Community Commodities)

  6. Cultural Commerce (Community Economics)


A Nation is a group of people who share a common culture, history and ancestry who maintain their Sovereignty through being collectively disciplined and self responsible despite their collective circumstances. Being born free, means at birth you are born with inalienable inherent birthrights as natural heirs to the land of your fore- parents to do as you may under the customs of your own people. You have been stripped of your collective identity and association to the land of your fore-parents, which is here in North-America so that you don't claim your rightful inheritance to the land of your fore-parents North-America. We are looking in the wrong direction to our natural birthright.

Nationhood means we are individually and collectively responsible for our mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and children. A Nation is a

group of intertwined bloodlines that share not only a common culture, history and ancestry, but past, present and a future. Through these factors we share a Nationhood and our true leadership should be about the business of building our Nation so that we may protect our families under our own authority. A people who are not responsible for themselves become the responsibility of others by default. The proper education to raise a people from a dead state (Dependent) to a living state (Independent) is the knowledge of self government, which entails self-defense, civics and economics so that one may be responsible for one's own collective affairs.

We must have a clear vision of our future so that we may lay down the path for our children.

Ancestral reverence is the custom of binding a people together through their common identification of departed family members. Funeral rites are designed to enshrine the departed family members as a unifying force within the psycho of the family. Family shrines are created to invoke family unity, devotion and purpose. The life line or bloodline of a family should always be held as sacred, it is one's link to the divine spark of life that brought the first born into the world.

Women of our community are the Queen Mothers of Earth and the custodian of the community land. Men are the majestic partner and helpmates, cultivators and producers of the land. In our culture the oldest daughter takes on the roll of family land trustee, the order of responsibility go's from the oldest to the youngest daughter. If the family holds a sizable estate, the land is redistributed equally among the daughters. (Family land is to never be sold) All family enterprises, the oldest son take on the roll and responsibility of trustee, the order of responsibility go's from the oldest to the youngest son. (Family Businesses are never to be sold)

As the community purchase land for our community estate's our second generation daughters will receive a plots of land after she turns 16 from our community land distribution department . From the time of distribution she is able to develop her lot. ( Restricted to the rules of the Constitution)


Our son's find their livelihood through the development of our own brand of cultural services and products. In the order of Nation Building every person, flesh and blood human being must have a designated purpose objective and mission.

Trubian Village Tribal Society mission is to resurrect the Temple of The Living God on Earth. The temple is us and we are Gods vehicle on Earth. The enemy has made everything that is good to appear bad and everything bad to appear good through illusions. When your spirit is a line with truth you would manifest true positive change within your condition.





Cuthaugula Coahuila

Cultural Standards


We Do Not Steal from one another We Do Not Kill one another

We Do Not Sell Or Offer Drugs to one another We Combine Our Dollars

and Buy Collectively as a group


We Protect Our Own Women and Children First We Educate Our Own

We Do Not Fight one another Family Protects and Build Up one another

We Service The Needs of our community first




Seven Cultural Principles



To strive for and maintain unity in family, community and nation.



To define ourselves, name ourselves, create for ourselves and speak for ourselves.


Collective Work & Responsibility:

to build and maintain our community together. Help our brothers and sister to solve their problems as our own.


Cooperative Economics:

To build and maintain our own stores, shops businesses and profit from them together.



To make our collective vocation the building and developing of our community in order to restore our people to their traditional greatness



To do always as much as we can, in the way we can, in order to leave our community more beautiful and beneficial then we inherited.



to believe with all our heart in God, family and our community and in Gods righteousness and victory over our struggle.



Cuthaugula Coahuila

A Cultural Economic Community Domain Where The Community Owns It’s Own Cultural Brand. Culture creates a people’s natural economic Eco-system. A people’s cultural brand is defined by the way they do things, from eating, dressing to the very way they structure their lives. This creates a natural brand of commodities, goods and services.

We believe Culture can be a conscious, living development within our lives that can and will benefit us in the present and future. We are Indigenous-Black-Brown- Melinated American culture reformers who aim is to put the bloodline’s of our Ancestors back on track toward a prosperous future on earth. This is a family movement that in many cases transcends outward appearance. A call back to family-hood, where the protocol of elder take rank in group decisions. It’s about group organization and the first group is family. Families are the sub- domains of National Authority sharing mutual ownership over the collective community ideals and principles to reinforce shared family values and aspiration to obtain and maintaining group economic independence as a family institution.

We believe that anything we use we should position ourselves to make it for ourselves. Members of Trubian Village have exclusive rights over the Cuthaugula Coahuila Cultural Brand. As members , you have the exclusive right to operate within our cultural economic community domain as cultural merchants and service providers.


Trubian Village Cultural Industrial Complex:

Our cultural Industrial Complex is a social economic echo system design to enhance the development of the Tru'bian community.

Through our customs, traditions and annul events, we establish a program of activities that creates a cultural industry only accessible to our certified membership, so our members collectively can share in the wealth of their mutual cultural ownership.


Cultural Industries:

Production of food, Clothing, Art, Music, Herbalist Medicines, literature, science and technology, tourism and entertainment.


Urban Agenda:

Service the needs of the American Aborigine community. Spiritually become their spiritual guide through the wisdom of the Great Spirit.

Socially, develops social groups of all age and create activities for all groups to interact. Become the American Aborigine community source of entertainment, news and media information. Buy land and develop commercial property in our urban centres to secure business opportunities for American Aborigine merchants.


Real Estate Agenda:

Buy rural land and develop private townships. There is millions of undeveloped acres of land both nationally and internationally that we will seek to purchased and developed into thriving centres of commerce and tourism. We will invest our money in our own communities developments, in order to create and control our own economic infrastructure.

The vision of the Trubian Village township (State) is to create cultural business centres who's main industries in tourism, entertainment and education. A Family Nation State is the Tru'bian solution to solving the problems of inequality and dependence, creating a foundation toward self reliance and independence within the global framework. The fundamental aspect of family wealth is family organization. True family organization is built on the collective purpose and responsibility to survive and advance as a group. Thus the key is not only how you raise your children, but what you instill in them and how you educate them. You can't send your children off to be educated by others and expect them to come home and follow a family plan.


The trick to wealth is knowing how to use and maintain it. Money is to be used as a tool and not a means, tools produce and a means is just to reach an end. We have come up with a plan to increase black family wealth for generations to come. In most indigenous communities across America not only most of the commercial property is own by others but the majority of the very businesses that service the community is own by others as well. This creates a social economic problem that prevents the circulation of our collective community dollar within it's own community. To own and develop our own private community townships give us a social economic advantage that enables us not only to control our social, economic environment but our social economic destiny. Thus our land development project has many investment opportunities for our members.


Trubian Village Market Place:

The Trubian Village Market Place is a community cultural event held every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. As a cultural event, it's an exclusive economic platform for members to merchandise their authentic Trubian Village cultural goods and services. The market place is an event where all our cultural variations of cultural expression are represented along with giving our cultural members an exclusive economic platform. The Trubian Village cultural brand has it's own exclusive domain or commerce centre to exchange merchandise and to solicit new customers along with a universal platform for our cultural creativity.


Tribal Community Agenda:

We must raise our sons and daughters into their proper person to face the task of Nation Building. To be in your proper person in the civilized world there are things you must know and over-stand. The first thing is collective discipline and self-responsibility, knowing and being your own collective authority. Second is knowing how to represent yourself as your own collective authority and lastly, create your own collective reality. It is time to get back in sink with our natural drum beat and bring back a cultural renaissance among our people. It's time to reopen the books of time and study our greatness without the blinders of western education so that we can tap into the genus of our Ancestors. From the Nile Valley to the Mississippi River (Meezeeseebee) to the European Moorish Golden age and everything after, before and in between.

In Nation Building there needs to be group accountability, responsibilities and group sacrifice. Building something is hands on. You can't say your building something and there is no action to manifest what you say your building. The businesses of Nation Building takes money, and the money must come through the sacrifice of it's members, which is the first order of group responsibility (Being Financialy Responsible For Self). Every member must pay some type of dues, whether from the labor of their hands and or money from their pocket. Nation Building is an action!




Cuthaugula Coahuila

Bloodline Fraternity Tribal Land Project

The Cuthaugula Coahuila Tribal Land Project (TLP) is design and created for tribal families as a means to establish and developed tribal territories as tribal family safe havens.

Each land development requires 144 Bloodline Fraternities, each Bloodline Fraternity pays into a mutual property airship holding. This mutual airship holding is describe in our tribal trust land agreement where as each Bloodline Fraternity becomes a Cuthaugula Coahuila Tribal beneficiary and land airship holder.

Each Bloodline Fraternity holds a permeate vote on the community land council. The tribal land parcel that would be purchased under the TLP will be no less then 2000 acres.

Each Bloodline Fraternity pays in a total of $1,000 a month as fraternity dues providing the community with a monthly purchasing, building and mantenance budget of $144,000

Each Bloodline Fraternity will receive two acres of land for tribal family compound and two acres of tribal commercial property, which includes connection to tribal utilities services, water, energy and sewage own by the tribe.


Families Clans are required to pay $144 monthly for Tribal utilities which consist of water, electricity and sewage.

144 Bloodline Fraternities x $1,000 Monthly = Monthly building budget of $144.000

Monthly Building Budget Of $144,000 = Yearly building budget of


Yearly Building Budget Of $1,728,000 = 7 Year complete building budget of $12,728,000 Every 7 years is a budget cycle.

Payments from each of the 144 Bloodline Fraternities would begin after the last of the 144 Bloodline Fraternities signs up.


Land Project:

Each land project works through a formulated system of 144 Bloodline Fraternities per project with a budget of $144,000 a month through a collective investment of $1,000 a month. Each project would consist of building and maintaining a resort village townships with four zones, with each having a different collective social economic function to serve the need of the whole community. The resort village townships would be broken up into four sectors and four groups of 36 Bloodline Fraternities out of the 144 Bloodline Fraternities to govern and run.


Community Design:

The TLP will be built into a township resort with four sector, each having a different theme and tribal resource development focus. Each community will be design with a residential center, commercial center, cultural academic center, health center and recreation center.

The residential center is the exclusive private residential property of tribal family airship. The commercial, the academic, health and recreational centers are collectively own by the tribe as tribal commercial property.

Each tribal Bloodline Fraternity airship group are the beneficiaries of the proceeds from community commercial property land rentals and leases. As well each family airship group is responsible for the development, maintenance and security of it's TLP.

Tribal land Benefits:

Benefits for families who pay into our Tribal Land Development are as follows:


  1. Each Bloodline Fraternity recieves a portion of air residential tribal real eastate.

  2. Each Bloodline Fraternity would recieve it's own two acrea tribal family compound and a two acrea village business center and a percentage of tribal property commercial business revenue.

  3. Each Bloodline Fraternity will be part of a free time sharing program where each Bloodline Fraternity family receive 14 free day's a year in our tribal resourt properties.

  4. Free Tribal Land Relocation. Once a clan has paid into the

tribal land development, they may relocate internally through our inter tribal land transfer based on availbility.