Cuthaugula Coahuila Tribe

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Maipuri Arauan Nation Tribal Federation

First Family

A First Family is defined as the first family generation of tribal membership and First family is a reference to the Trubian Village family hierarchy system which records the birth of a new Family State in the Trubian Village Tribal State Government. Each family is a State within itself and from the first family the bloodline is recorded as heirs of the family State and Estate.. Within our tribal system and structure the first family is the foundation of our community tribal order. Each first family establishes a bloodline fraternity within the collective domain of our tribal order. Each bloodline fraternity serves as a governing body under our greater tribal order.

Tribal Structure:

There are four classes of chief’s, House Chief, Clan Chief, Tribal Chief and National Chief . In our custom when a woman and man have a child, both parents become “House Chiefs”. When a woman and man become grandparents both grandparents then become Clan Chiefs. Tribal Chiefs are bloodline related that sit over two or more family clan’s of the same bloodline. Tribal Chief are elected by clan chiefs within their own bloodline, which both clan chiefs and tribal chiefs together make up the legislative branch of the tribal government. The National Chief, is the chief of chiefs among the chiefs of the Trubian Village Choctaw Nation. The communities Council of Elders are  grandparents within a tribal bloodline.

First Family Qualifications:

  1. Must be an American Negro, Black or Colored ( Classification: Of American Black Indian Descent )

  2. Must be of a sound mind & shared family tribal values.

  3. Must be willing to live within the social, cultural, economic tribal construct.

First Family Sign Ups:

The first family sign ups will only consist of the first 144 families who are successfully processed and orientated, which consist of three step:

  1. Family Orientation: The first step is family orientation, this is done by giving a basic outline of our tribal structure and mission.

  2. Family Registration: Second step is registration, this is done in two parts. The first part is signing a community confidentiality disclaimer where as you sign to keep all tribal communication private and confidential within the community. The second part is the actual registering the members of one's house, husband, wife and children

  3. Family Tribal Oath & Pledge of Allegiance: The third step is done by a private tribal ceremony.