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This Map Represents The Cuthaugula Coahuila Ancestorial Territory

Better Known As The Arawak People

This Map Represents The Ancient Tribal Territory Of The Maripuri People. The Tribal Mission Of The Cuthaugula Coahuila Tribal Clan Is To Own, Occupy & Control Their Own Tribal Communities, Cities And Townships Within The Territory Of Their Ancestral Lands.



Tribal Land Agenda:

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Buy rural land and develop private townships. There is millions of undeveloped acres of land both nationally and internationally that we will seek to purchased and developed into thriving centres of commerce and tourism.

We will invest our money in our own communities developments, in order to create and control our own economic infrastructure. The vision of the Trubian Village township (State) is to create cultural business centres who's main industries in tourism, entertainment and education. A Family Nation State is the Tru'bian solution to solving the problems of inequality and dependence, creating a foundation toward self reliance and independence within the global framework. The fundamental aspect of family wealth is family organization. True family organization is built on the collective purpose and responsibility to survive and advance as a group. Thus the key is not only how you raise your children, but what you instill in them and how you educate them. You can't send your children off to be educated by others and expect them to come home and follow a family plan. The trick to wealth is knowing how to use and maintain it. Money is to be used as a tool and not a means, tools produce and a means is just to reach an end. We have come up with a plan to increase black family wealth for generations to come. In most indigenous communities across America not only most of the commercial property is own by others but the majority of the very businesses that service the community is own by others as well. This creates a social economic problem that prevents the circulation of our collective community dollar within it's own community. To own and develop our own private community townships give us a social economic advantage that enables us not only to control our social, economic environment but our social economic destiny. Thus our land development project has many investment opportunities for our members.