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Liberty Scouts



Mission Statement

We support student academic achievement and mentor youth and young adults ages 9 to 19 in education and the performing arts. We help enhance cultural awareness, offer a deterrent to gangs and strive to create positive social change within the community.


Vision Statement

Improving the community by strengthening families, increasing knowledge and building unity.



Trubian Village was founded in 2006 in an effort to fill a void and provide at risk minority youth an outlet for positive expression through education and the development of talents in the performing arts.


Minko, Lusa'Kio Yakaba


Executive Youth Director:


Time frame:

Wednesday 4pm - 6 pm

Saturday 9am - 12pm


The Trubian Village Liberty Scouts Program is designed to build self confidence in a structured environment to instill self discipline, a sense of community ownership and responsibility. Youth will learn leadership skills by participating in cadet training, team building exercises, and community service projects. Youth will earn the opportunity to attend an annual camping trip, trip to a water park, a major sporting event and other community based events. Participation in off-site outings depends on each youths performance in the program.



Community Service Mentoring Program



$150 Per Month +Uniform


Trubian Village

304 South Jones Blvd,

Las Vegas, NV 89107




Building Our Youth Into Adults


Trubian Village

Tru-Leaders Of Tomorrow

Youth Academy


General Program Agenda:


Stretching and calisthenics – 20 minutes


Pick up trash in the community – 30 minutes


Water and bathroom break – 10 minutes


Historical Fact Discussion – 10 minutes


This discussion will encompass topics pertaining to Americans who achieved great things in the face of adversity.


Topic of the Day – Open Discussion – 40 minutes


Topics of the Day will

encompass subjects that empower and motivate the youth to achieve success as well as promote healthy lifestyle choices.


Community Service Project Saturday: 


1)Event Hosting

2)Community ushers 

3) Community escorts 

4) Community clean up detail  

5) Event support (Set up & brake down) 

6) Feed the hungry 

7) Senor & Veteran Support


Rites of Passage 

1) Discipline & organization. 

2) Character building. 

3) Decision making skills 

4) Proper use of English 

5) Correct speech and diction 

6) Vocabulary building 

7) Proper etiquette 

8) Self-esteem 

9) Self discipline 

10) Grooming & hygiene 

11) Importance of goal setting 

12) Cultural awareness and values



Constitutional Law

All youth will be tout Constitutional Rights, Law, meanings and concepts.


Participants of this program will be given a mentor who will work with the youth and provide a source of emotional support and encouragement.


Additional Programs


Business Management: 

  1. Creating a business plan 
  2. Profit and Loss 
  3. Inventory management 
  4. Record Keeping
  5. Marketing and advertising


Public Broadcasting:

1) News broadcasting 

2) Communication 

3) Public speaking 

4) Talk show production. 

5) Podcast Radio production.


Music Production: 

 1) Song writing

2) Reading music 

3) Beat & sound track creation

4) Music recording

5) Sound Engineering



  1. Step

  2. Hip Hop Dance

  3. Drill Team & Drum line