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Trubian Village  Bloodline Cultural Fraternity




Our mission is to improve the quality of life for our members. As a cultural ministry our objectives are to develop traditional social functions to keep family clans socially interactive, work toward centralizing family clans to Common Cities and areas. Collectively work with the family clans to develop social programs and to help establish a social and political position in its designated city or area. Through membership Develop funds through fundraising and marketing our cultural functions and event's to help family clans purchase property and established culturally based businesses. Create social clubs and other institutions to train and educate our children to serve our community and as well expand the membership and views of our society. 


Trubian Village is a proactive cultural community outreach which is rooted in traditional Aborigines Of America cultural customs, traditions and values. We believe Universal Truth transcends religion, gender, color, race or creed. It applies to all people alike, this truth is a spiritual truth, which is the one truth of the Supreme Being..