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Trubian Village

Bloodline Liberation Economics


A Cultural Economic Bloodline Domain




Culture creates a people’s natural economic Eco-system. A people’s cultural brand is defined by the way they do things from eating and dressing, as well as the very way they structure their lives. This creates a natural brand of commodities, goods and services.

We believe Culture is a conscious, living development within our lives that can and will benefit us in the present and future. We are cultural reformers who's aim is to put the bloodline's of our Ancestors back on track toward a prosperous future on earth.

This is a family movement that in many cases transcends outward appearance. A call back to family-hood, where the protocol of elder take rank in group decisions. It’s about group organization and the first group is family. Families are the sub-domains of  our National Authority to reinforce shared family values . Our families share mutual ownership over the collective community which includes land, ideals, principles and aspiration to obtain and maintain group economic independence as a family institution to reinforce shared family values.

We believe that anything we use we should position ourselves to make for ourselves. Members of Trubian Village have exclusive rights over the Trubian Village Cultural Brand. As members, you have the exclusive right to operate within our cultural economic community domain as cultural merchants and service providers.

To maintain a constant consciousness of our family identity, objectives and mission throughout all time on earth, we must use a system that regenerate our thoughts, ideas and aspiration within every generation. Through our Cultural rituals and traditions we connect our past, present and future to our group thoughts, ideas, aspirations and goals.

God, who, what and where is God? God is all things, for all things exist within the domain of God. Within God’s domain you have the creation of many constellations, universes, spirits, beasts and many things unknown. God is not in question, for we are the evidence something greater than us exist. We are not here to challenge one’s faith and belief in God, we are a family movement. We represent the spirit of our departed ancestors who sacrificed their lives for our existence. Our only goal is to provided a safe homestead for our families and future generations by purchasing land and developing our own private townships that are interdependent to create our own cultural economic echo-system where our money circulate within our community.



Trubian Village

Cultural Economic Infrastructure


Infrastructure is as follows:

Building our own exclusive industries around our cultural customs, traditions and values. Establishing our own economic echo-system that enable us to circulate our wealth within our community.

  • To create jobs and occupations, our cultural echo system has service personal based on our cultural accreditation. We have all types of different classes of certified cultural professionals, based on our customs, traditions and values.


Aborigines Of America Heritage Committee:

The Aborigines Of America Heritage Committee determines annual cultural events, community celebrations and cultural ceremonies, such as baptism, rites of passage, marriage and funerals. Thus defining the guidelines for some certified community service practitioners. Vangu Committee:Vangu represent the full body of knowledge of all Holistic Cultural Arts & Sciences of “Well Being”. We call those who live by this universal truth, Tru'bian which means “a child of truth.” The Vangu Committee defining the guidelines for our certified Vangu Therapist service practitioners.




Yaboa Committee

The Yaboa committee and community is our cultural merchant society.

 Vangu Holistic Therapy Practitioners










Vangu Yoga:




Physical Therapy:







Social Organization:

Each family clan operates within the Trubian Village cultural system of social seniority called the ladder of Yakaba. The ladder of Yakaba is a cultural system that promotes social and spiritual development through giving community incentives to those who work to climb our cultural ladder.

Ladder of Yakaba:

The ladder begins with the order of community apprentice and end with the order of master builder.


Before one can become an apprentice they must first be endorse by a journeyman and co-signed by a master builder. The apprentice will then serve under the master builder who co-signed their communal entry.


A journeyman is a skilled labourer that can specialize in a number of things, according to the needs of their master builder and or overall family.

Master Builder:

Once a member has established the membership of a master builder, he or she may become registered as a Clan Chief and build their own family within their family clan. The order of master builder are called the Yaboa community, which is an elite group of Elders that make up each fraternities inner circle. If a master builder wish to establish their own family they are responsible for paying monthly family dues of ($360). $100 goes to their Family Clan account, $100 goes to their tribal house account and $160 goes in the Trubian Village Supreme Council account.


The Master Builder Cultural Commerce

  1. Cultural Centers

  2. Media

  3. Spiritual Science

  4. Arts & Music

  5. Entertainment

  6. Publishing

  7. Clothing

  8. Jewelry

  9. Food

  10. Elixirs

  11. Knowledge

  12. Movies

  13. Tribal Sports Franchises



Financial Brake Down:


  1. Each Tribal House Pay's $360 Monthly To The Trubian Village governing body.

  2. Each Family Clan Pay's $360 Monthly in fraternity fees. 2/3 goes to Tribal House and 1/3 goes to the Trubian Village governing body.

Cultural  Economics:

The four major commodities of a particular culture are it's art, fashion, food and architecture. Now the art to economic success is to control the management, production and distribution of the goods and services of a particular market.  By institutionalize our own creative activities and holidays based on our own experiences, we would accomplish three things. One, give our children a constant reminder of their rich heritage, Two, promote unity among our youth and Three, increase jobs by promoting America Aboriginal business.  

It is our duty to work toward becoming self-sufficient in producing what we consume "Under The Sovereignty of God".